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January 2003 - a lot of changes, please check the site news section.

Welcome to this website, which it is hoped will provide a valuable resource to those interested in the Estate of Eglinton, North Ayrshire and in the Montgomeries of Eglinton. It is anticipated that this site will be regularly reviewed as more Historical data and photographs become available, so bookmark for your reference.

The Montgomeries as the Earls of Eglinton, were one of Scotland's most noble and powerful families. They had for nearly 800 years been prominent landowners and highly effective nobles acting for or against the ruling Monarch. Throughout those eight centuries there were few, if any, major national events that the family were not involved in.

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Garde Bien - Hazard yet Forward.


The site could not have been completed without the help of Cameron Sharp (Park Ranger) at Eglinton Park. His assistance in obtaining information and facts for this site is most appreciated.

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